Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Roundup 13 April: Finance, Fashion and Feminism


FashFem Roundup Participants
1. Oranges and Apples: the Shopaholic stereotype
2. seamstress stories: The dance around finance - backwards and in heels
3. Alexa - 'Femalikes'
4. Mrs Bossa Does the Do: Ladies in (the) Red
5. La Historiadora de Moda
6. Adventures in Refashioning - Finance and the Fashion Blogger
7. Wardrobe Oxygen
8. Feministified
9. Jean of al Trades: Money Changes Everything
10. Terri at RatM
11. Bonjour Simone- It's a Nice Day For a White Wedding
12. Knitting Up the Ravelled Sleeve of Care
13. Real Girl Runway
14. Tea and Feathers - Finance, feminism and fashion blogging
15. The CFP: Joan Hornig Jewelry
16. Be Fabulous Daily
17. Decoding Dress
18. Ann Tindall, Annimal House
19. Fishmonkey
20. Beauty Schooled
21. Lady M
22. The Sartorial Nerd
23. The Taxonomy of My Wardrobe (Veshoevius)

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poet said...

Psssst... shouldn't it be 13 April? :)

Franca said...

changing it now!

Alexa said...

weee! Gonna start reading now

Allie (Wardrobe Oxygen) said...

I didn't mention #fashfem in my post, but it is about making a fashion budget, and how strength comes from financial independence.

Simone said...

Can't wait to read what everyone wrote! It's such a huge topic; I look forward to seeing what everyone else chose to focus on.

Deb said...

I didn't mention feminism in my post either but did mention a women's issue that's dear to me, helping women who've suffered domestic violence.

The Compassion Fashion Project said...

Joan Hornig has taken her art/design expertise coupled with a tremendous business sense to develop a line of jewelry that helps those in need, including women's domestic violence causes.

Allyson said...

My first FFB post!

stanimalandannimal said...

Proud to be stylish and feminist, my first contribution to the FFB!!

Fish Monkey said...

And I cheated with another link roundup post. I tried to write something new, but felt I just keep repeating myself.

Sartorial Nerd said...

Better late than never! I've just contributed my first FFB post about lessons a fashion blogger (or anyone) can take away from the stylish life of Marie Antoinette. I'm annoyed that I didn't include the title in my link but c'est la vie. Great posts and I'm excited to read what you've all written.

Veshoevius said...

@Sartorial Nerd - I'm even later! And yes better late than never! Will have to catch up with these over Easter!

Maddalena said...