Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Roundup of posts for 30 March: Reflections

Veranderende rolpatronen / Changing role patterns

This week, the Feminist Fashion Bloggers are writing about "Feminist,fashion-related things learnt from other women (or men)", basically any feminist ideas that changed the way we thought about something or the way we behaved.

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Photo via Netherlands National Archives.

FashFem Roundup Participants
1. Oranges and Apples: Re-learning to eat
2. Mrs Bossa Does the Do: Reflections
3. Jean of all Trades
4. Alexa - "Back to the Old Skool" !
5. Feministified
6. What Are Years? - What I've learned
7. seamstress stories
8. northwest is best
9. Terri at RatM
10. E B Snare [The Magic Square Foundation]
11. La Historiadora de Moda
12. Make Do Style: Feminism & Ageing
13. The CFP: More Mag Contest:HELP!
14. Tea and Feathers - Reflections
15. Knitting Up the Ravelled Sleeve of Care
16. Millie at Interrobangs Anonymous
17. Mad Dress Game
18. Fishmonkey
19. Laura Connell
20. cervixosaurus
21. Aly En France
22. The Taxonomy of My Wardrobe
23. Ray Woods
24. Real Girl Runway

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feministified said...

YAY! This widget is indeed magical. So super easy. I'm so proud of you ladies for putting this page and group together, so -seemingly effortlessly.

Thank you for all your hard work!! xoxo

Make Do Style said...

I hope it works - my link that is!

The Compassion Fashion Project said...

Hey ladies! I want to really thank all of you who were interactive on my post last week. I know it was a bit of a contraversial subject, so I appreciate the honesty.

This week, I am going a completely different direction and trying to help a wonderful charity win the More Magazine Contest for $10,000. I have admired this charity from afar for some time now and now have the opportunity to not only spread the word about it, but to also help them keep doing the wonderful work that they are doing.

I need all your HELP! Please go vote for charity founder, Terry Grahl and the winner will be aired on The Talk. It would be pretty awesome to be a part of that in some smalll way, so let's do it FFB gals!

Aly said...

Alrighty, left the link to my post! Thank you, ladies, for all the hard work you've put into this group! It's been fun & I can't wait to see what's next! :)

Veshoevius said...

Groan! So late with my post! Oh well better late than never :)