Thursday, 12 January 2012

FFB on hiatus

Just a quick message to say that Feminist Fashion Bloggers will take a break for the next few months, returning at a later point.

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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Fashfem Linkage - June!

"Don't tell me I'm pretty - just accept that I'm smart."

Have you noticed that feminism has become even more visible of late?

Love 'em or hate 'em, there's no denying the Slutwalks have got people talking. Whether you want to sharpen your teeth on Victoria Cohen's contentious article 'Are Slutwalks Losing Their Way?' or mull over Deborah Orr's more considered piece 'Why is Feminism Still So Afraid to Focus on its Flaws?', feminist concerns have really been pushed into the limelight in the last few months. Check out 'Slutwalks: trying not to miss the point' for My Illustrated Life's vociferous take on the issue.

Sick of cliched movie males only going for the pretty girls? See how 'Hairspray' breaks the mould in 'Hairspray and Celebrating Diversity' by The Styling Dutchman.

And speaking of pretty girls, Delightfully Tacky's post 'The Infinite Variety of Individuals' discusses whether being a 'girly girl' undermines you as a woman, or if it's simply another choice.

From girly girls to little girls; author Lisa Bloom explains why telling female children they're pretty encourages them to live in a 'dumbed-down world' in 'How to Talk to Little Girls'.

After another spate of male indiscretions, the spotlight inevitably falls onto the wife or girlfriend. Fashion for Nerds asks why the focus is on the wife's beauty when male celebs are caught with their pants down - read her post 'Fallacies' here.

Kate Middleton is walking a tightrope of recent media attention, argues Claire in her post 'An Unsubtle Knife', dedicated to the new Duchess of Cambridge.

It's not just the media that are critical of women, of course - women are often critical of themselves and others. Dress with Courage's Elissa explores this in 'Winner Takes All - women and competition'.

Jaime Black's The REDress Project

Do you do outfit posts? We know fashion blogging ain't all about the frocks. Rosel from What Are Years? explains her ambivalence towards them in 'My Ethical Dilemma with Fashion Blogging'.

From the external to the internal: Beauty Schooled takes a stand and demands we stop being defined by our weight - do you dare post yours, and share some interesting facts about yourself on 'Why Telling Everyone Your Weight Might Rock'?

And what do the fellas have to say? Ryan from Fashables asks why fashion is so female-centric in his post 'Men Who Like Fashion Are Gay'.

In a non-blogging vein, read Dressing the Campus Red to see how Jaime Black uses the symbolism of the red dress to highlight the plight of aboriginal women.
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